DeMar DeRozan confronts, chases intruder out of home

It’s a nightmare scenario for any parent: An intruder breaks into your home and ends up in the room with your child.

It’s exactly what happened to DeMar DeRozan in his Los Angeles area home before Thanksgiving, but the Spurs guard confronted the intruder and chased him out of the house. DeRozan confirmed the story when speaking to the media on Zoom before the start of training camp.

TMZ had the details.

Our sources tell us … the man broke into DeRozan’s home on Nov. 19 and made his way upstairs into a play area where at least one of DeMar’s kids was hanging out.

We’re told 31-year-old DeRozan — who’s 6’6″, 220 pounds — heard the commotion and raced to the area to see what was going on, coming “face-to-face” with the intruder in the process. Our sources say DeRozan then “chased the man out of his house.”…

When the alleged intruder attempted to get back in to the gated community, security stopped him and called police. According to our sources, the suspect told cops DeRozan’s home was not his intended target — he was trying to get to Kylie Jenner‘s home but made a mistake.

I’m no criminal mastermind, but the “I broke into the wrong house” defense doesn’t seem like a winning strategy.

Fortunately, DeRozan and his family were safe and unharmed. It’s hard to imagine the fear and anger that kind of situation would present.

DeRozan picked up the $27.7 million option on his contract in San Antonio for this season. The four-time All-Star (and two-time All-NBA) player has been mentioned in a lot of trade rumors, but nothing has gained much steam.